I Ran Outside To My Truck And It Was Ransacked, Swanson Said.

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Thursday found Shaw fast asleep, the report said. Lying nearby were several items, including a bicycle, two skateboards, multiple backpacks. Inside one of the backpacks, deputies found two bottles of wine. Knowing several vehicles in the area had been broken into recently, investigators questioned Shaw about where the property had come from. Afterward, he was taken into custody. Jason Swanson said he woke up early Thursday morning to find someone had rifled through is truck. His neighbor found his wallet, driver's license and credit cards outside a gas station nearby. "A neighbor called me and said, 'Your license is up at the Kangaroo.' ... I ran outside to my truck and it was ransacked," Swanson said. Swanson said $40 cash, a cup of change, a drill and a chainsaw were missing.

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Jacksonville Electric

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